Meet the 2017-2018 Heritage Flex Academy Team

Back Row (left to right): Bonnie Youngdale, Olivia Relatores, Amber Friedrich, Jill Thomas, Carol Briggs, Shawn Roner, Kelsey Gunneman, Sandy Nichols, Ruth Arner, Audra Catlett, Tanya Coe, Sandi Knapp

Front Row (left to right): Tina Gist, Tami Bentley, Melissa West, Kelly Beck, Lesley Clifton, Marsha Keating, Christina Earwicker, and the American Heritage Charter Schools mascot, White Tiger

Not Pictured: Heidi Fikse, Steve Nelson

Meet the 2016-2017 Heritage Flex Academy Team


Left to right: Sandi Knapp, Jill Thomas, Audra Catlett, Tanya Coe, Kelsey Gunneman, Kelly Beck, Jeannie Miller, Melissa West, Christina Earwicker, Elyse Earwicker, Sandy Nichols, Heidi Fikse, Carol Briggs, Shawn Roner. Not pictured: Marsha Keating, Tami Bentley, Steve Nelson

Leadership, Administration, Support Staff

Last NameFirst NamePosition Email Address
BentleyTamsonStudent Supervisor, Classroom Aide(760)
KnappSandiPrincipal(760) 466-1166 ext.
RelatoresOlivia Administrative Assistant(760)
RonerShawnExecutive Director(760)
YoungdaleBonnie Instructional Aide(760)

Teachers & Faculty

Last NameFirst NamePosition Email Address
BeckKelly7th and 8th Grade Humanities (760)
Briggs Carol2nd Grade (760)
CatlettAudra 4th Grade (760)
CliftonLesley6th Grade (760)
CoeTanya5th Grade (760) 466-1166
EarwickerChristina Academic Adviser 3rd-5th(760) 466-1166 ext.
FikseHeidiAcademic Adviser 6th-8th(760) 466-1166 ext.
GistTina Kindergarten(760)
GunnemanKelsey 3rd Grade (760)
KeatingMarshaAcademic Adviser-Flex5(760) 466-1166 ext.
NicholsSandy7th and 8th Grade Mathematics(760)
ThomasJillAcademic Adviser K-2nd(760) 466-1166
WestMelissa 1st Grade (760)