Heritage Flex is built upon the foundation that we are a learning community of children, parents, staff and faculty. The school community is committed to the strong collaboration between the school and the parents.

Heritage Flex Academy teachers, leadership and staff are committed to:

  • A classically inspired education
  • A quality classroom experience and instruction
  • Easily accessible plans for home study days (The FlexGrid)
  • Guidance to personalize assignments and curriculum
  • Learning and growing professionally as a school and staff
  • Offering a welcoming, hospitable environment for parents to learn alongside their children

Heritage Flex Parents are committed to:

  • Active participation in learning alongside their student(s)
  • Guide and oversee Home Study assignments
  • Read all communication from the school and individual teachers including The FlexGrid, school emails, teacher handouts sent home with students
  • Stay up-to-date with the school website heritageflex.org
  • Participate in classical education learning opportunities alongside staff and other parents
  • Trust your school leadership.  Communicate with the appropriate staff member when addressing concerns. Ask for clarification when you have questions or concerns