Heritage Flex Academy is a Tuition-Free Public School

Heritage Flex Academy offers its classical program of study through two program options designed to allow parents flexibility while achieving the same educational end. Parents may customize their child’s education to meet individual and family needs by choosing from the Hybrid Classroom Program or the 5-Day Home Study Program known as Flex 5. Below is a brief description of each program.

Classroom-Based Instruction ~ Our Hybrid Program

Tuesday/Thursday (Red Path) or Wednesday/Friday (Blue Path)

Heritage Flex Academy offers two full days of classroom instruction covering the core academic subjects. This hybrid classroom and home study program incorporates the best of Heritage Flex’s classically inspired classroom program with three days of home study following teacher designed lesson plans. Students enrolled in the Classroom Hybrid Program will receive professional instruction on-campus two days a week and study at home under the tutelage of their parent educator the remaining days. Class sizes are small with a maximum of 20 students. The curriculum is thoughtfully designed to facilitate easy parent interaction with the required material. The Heritage Flex curriculum recognizes the central role that art and music play in a young student’s intellectual development. Therefore, art and music are integrated into the core curriculum.  Arts, athletics and tutorial services will be available as optional electives in the enrichment program called Exploration Monday.

Flex 5 Home Study Option

5-Day Home Study Program Beginning 2017/2018

Heritage Flex includes the choice to complete home study five days a week using select curriculum options. Each family is provided with support from a highly qualified credentialed teacher, called an Academic Adviser, who assists parents with course and curriculum selection, facilitates regular meetings with parents and students, and is available for questions, consultation, coaching and support.

Exploration Monday: Enriching and Complementing the Core Curriculum

Heritage Flex families have the flexibility to utilize Monday as an exploration day to extend and enrich learning. Families have the option to enroll their student in quality enrichment activities on Mondays, providing students with the opportunity to explore unique interests and content in subjects not offered on Core Classroom days. Classes meet for approximately 1 hour per week for three sessions per school year. Exploration Monday provides a well rounded rotation of classes to allow students to pursue a deeper understanding of academic content and explore personal interests. Classes include dance, Latin, culinary arts, art, student leadership, yearbook, physical education and other offerings, where students have the opportunity to explore beyond the core curriculum while receiving personalized attention from dedicated instructors. Classes may eventually include music, theater arts, and other options depending on student interest and available teachers.