Enrollment Documents

Heritage Flex Enrollment documents include:

☐ Completed Registration Packet (pages 1-16) along with:

☐ Copy of birth certificate (if entering Kindergarten only)

☐ Student’s most recent report card (or Private School Affidavit if home schooled)

☐ Copy of up-to-date complete Immunization Records including Pertussis (Whooping cough) requirement for students in grades 7-8. Please visit www.shotsforschool.org for current 2016 law on the new Immunization Requirement for 2015 and future years.

☐ Copy of Proof of Residency (2 items as defined on Residency Verification Form)

☐ Copy of Individualized Education Plan (IEP/504) forms, if applicable 

In addition, for those entering Kindergarten, you can also bring:

  • CHDP Report of Medical Examination for School Entry (green form) – by California law, this form is due up to 90 days after the start of 1st If you are scheduling an appointment for a 5-year old physical, please have this form filled out by the doctor. It is valid for up to 18 months prior to the start of 1st grade.
  • Oral Health Assessment Form- by California law, this form is due by the end of kindergarten, but is valid up to 12 months before the start of kindergarten.

You can either scan the documents and email them to eearwicker@echs.org or you can bring the documents to the Main Office:

Heritage Flex Academy 

2269 East Valley Parkway

Escondido, CA 92027

Please note that final enrollment is contingent upon parent attendance at a mandatory parent meeting where your child’s Independent Study Master Agreement will be reviewed and require parent and student signature.  The Master Agreement will outline your child’s course of study for the year.